Business Centre: Terms and Conditions

1.Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Terms and conditions

1.1 The Service(s) are offered to the Guest User conditional on their full acceptance of the terms and conditions without modification.

2. Business Centre Usage

2.1 The Guest User shall be permitted use of The Business Centre from Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 16:30pm. Access to the facility must only be within these days and times specified above. The Sharks shall retain the sole right of admission.

 3. Right to Enter

 3.1 The Sharks reserve the right to enter and inspect The Business Centre at any time for any purpose. Users shall follow all directives from The Sharks Chief Executive Officer (or nominee of the CEO) regarding the use of the facility.

4. Duration And Termination

4.1 The Guest User will only be permitted to use the Business Centre for the specific period in which they have been sponsored for.

4.2 The Sharks may terminate the Guest User’s right to use the Business Centre immediately by giving notice to the Guest User if:

4.2.1     The Guest User causes any disruptions to The Business Centre, the premises or other Guest Users.

4.2.2     The Guest User is in breach of one of his/her obligations under these terms and conditions.

4.2.3     If the Sharks are no longer able to provide The Business Centre facility, which decision shall be in their sole discretion.

5. The Shark’s Rights & Responsibilities

5.1 The Sharks may without notice suspend the provision of services (including access to the premises) for reasons of political unrest, strikes, or other events beyond their reasonable control.

5.2 The Sharks are not liable for any loss whatsoever as a result of failure to provide a service owing to, inter alia, mechanical breakdown, strike, delay, failure of staff, termination of its interest in the building containing The Business Centre facilities.

5.3 The Sharks will not in any circumstances be liable for loss of business, loss of profits, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or damage to data, third party claims or any consequential loss of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising.

5.4 Unless there is an emergency, The Sharks will as a matter of courtesy try to inform the Guest User in advance when it needs to carry out testing, repair or works other than routine inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

6. Guest User Rights and Obligations

6.1 The Guest User will not carry on any business or participate in any conduct which could be construed by The Sharks as illegal, defamatory, immoral or obscene and they will not use The Sharks brand whether directly or indirectly for any such purpose.

6.2 The Sharks brand and logo are registered Trade Marks of The Sharks. Guest Users may not use The Sharks logo, brand or images in any document or publication, including the internet and in any way in connection with his/her business.

6.3 The Guest User may only use The Business Centre for co-working/hot desking purposes.

6.4 The Guest User may not use the address of The Sharks or the premises as his/her business trading or registered address.

6.5 The Guest User may not use the address of The Sharks or the premises for his/her business deliveries of any kind.

6.6 The Guest User will not be allowed to use The Sharks premises outside of normal business hours unless specifically authorised in writing and in exceptional circumstances.

6.7 The Guest User will fully indemnify The Sharks against any expenses, costs, claims, damages or penalties incurred by The Sharks in connection with this Agreement howsoever occasioned.

6.8 The Guest User will not send or deliver or cause to be sent or delivered to the Premises any noxious, harmful, dangerous, live, perishable or bulky objects.

6.9 The Guest User must not install any furniture or office equipment, cabling, IT or telecoms connections without The Sharks written consent, which it may withhold at its absolute discretion.

6.10 The Guest User must at all times respect the privacy and convenience of others using The Business Centre. The Guest User agrees not to do anything that will cause any nuisance or annoyance, that will interfere in any way with the use/operation of the Business Centre.

6.11 The Guest User shall not make any alterations to the Facility, any fixtures, building systems, or equipment. At the end of each day, The Business Centre shall be left in a clean and safe condition. The Guest User shall remove from the Facility all property and materials belonging to the Guest User. If a Guest User damages the Facility, The Sharks will have the option of either (1) requiring the Guest User, at their own expense and risk, to restore the Facility to its prior condition, or (2) itself making the repairs and restorations to the Facility. If the Sharks decide to make the repairs and restorations to the Facility itself, the costs shall be borne solely by Guest User

6.12 When the Guest User makes use of The Business Centre premises and meeting room facilities the Guest User agrees that:

6.12.1  Such hot desk facilities and meeting rooms shall be used for general office purposes only.

6.12.2 The Guest User shall maintain the Hot Desk facilities and meeting rooms in their existing condition and shall notify The Sharks immediately of any damage caused by the Guest User and the Guest User’s employees and visitors.

6.12.3  The Guest User shall be liable for all damage caused by the Guest User.

7. Loss or Damage

7.1 The Guest User is responsible for insuring their personal property against all risks. The Guest User shall bear the risk of loss with respect to any of their personal property. The Guest User agrees to waive any right of recovery against The Sharks, its directors, officers and employees for any damage or loss to the Guest User’s property under their control. All property of the Guest User is understood to be under the Guest User’s control.

7.2 The Sharks will not take responsibility for any financial loss of a Guest User due to an unforeseen event in The Business Centre.

7.3 The Sharks will not take responsibility for a Guest User’s ability to use the Business Centre if the booking system is fully booked at any given point.

7.4 Computers in The Business Centre will be cleared every week. The Sharks will not be responsible for the loss of any information not saved or backed up on personal hardware devices.

7.5 The Sharks will not be responsible for private documents/agreements being seen by others in the Centre. It is The Guest Users responsibility to take care of their confidential information.

7.6 The Sharks will not take responsibility for the loss of information or work while using the resource room computers, personal computers and/or the printer.

8. Covid 19 protocols

8.1 Guest Users are required to follow the National Covid 19 protocols when using The Business Centre.

8.2 The wearing of masks is compulsory in the Business Centre at all times, without exception.

8.3 Guest Users need to ensure that they utilise the various sanitising stations in accordance with the Covid   19 protocols in place on the premises.