SharkSmart, originally based on the New Zealand Rugby Union’s RugbySmart Programme, is a community programme run by The Sharks Medical Centre. The programme has evolved since it was launched in 2003 and has developed an identity and model of its own, growing in strength from being a regional brand to that of a South African brand. The programme aims to promote the true spirit of the game and provide resources to ensure that all rugby matches at all levels are played in a safe environment. It also aims to reduce injuries and ensure that all players enjoy the game. SharkSmart has three primary target audiences viz. the broader public (especially parents), school coaches and the players themselves.

The programme promotes and assists in facilitating the BokSmart Programme (www.boksmart.co.za) in Kwa-Zulu Natal which is a formal accreditation programme for coaches and referees run by SA Rugby.
 Whilst the focus of the Programme is on rugby, many of the components can be applied to sport in general.

The objective of SharkSmart is encompassed by its motto: “Play Safe, Play Fair”.