The aim of The Sharks Sports Medicine Team is to provide a comprehensive and current sports medical and science support service to the players representing The Sharks. The team also aims at helping achieve and maintain an optimal level of physical and psychological wellbeing of all players within the system.

The Sharks Sports Medicine Team mandate includes the following:

1. To identify sources of injury risk to players and address these effectively and timeously.

2. To diagnose player injury and illness accurately and timeously and to implement a management plan that is both evidence based and effective.

3. To return players to the game after injury or illness as safely and as soon as possible.

4. To monitor the physical and psychological wellbeing of every player and to implement strategies that lead to optimal performance.

5. To be innovative and to identify and implement new strategies and technology that will lead to athletic performance enhancement and injury reduction.

6. To maintain an open and trusting relationship with all coaches and players and to operate with the professional and ethical boundaries provided by the Health Professions Council of South Africa, as well as each professional board of each discipline.

7. To assist The Sharks Pty Ltd in being a corporately successful franchise, helping to maximize the organization’s return on investment in terms of its players, but without compromising player health and ethical standards.

Meet The Team

The Sharks Sports Medicine Team is a vital part of The Sharks and its function is primarily, but not limited to, the reduction, recognition, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries as well as the timeous diagnosis and treatment of disease.

The Sharks Sports Medicine Team comprises of the following service providers:

Dr. Glen Hagemann

Medical Advisor/Sharks Academy Doctor

Dr. Alan Kourie

Team Doctor

Deane Macquet

Lead Physiotherapist

Callie Hugo

Support Physiotherapist (Seniors)

Curt Barnes

Support Physiotherapist (Juniors)

Robin Williams

Support Physiotherapist (Juniors)/Sharks Academy Physiotherapist

Jimmy Wright

Lead Biokineticist

James Gallagher

Sharks Support Biokineticist/Sharks Academy Biokineticist

John Hooper

Sports Massage Therapist

Danielle Roberts

Sports Dietician

Pippa Rowe


Sally Munisamy


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Email: pippa@thesharks.co.za